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Western Transport Inc.

     Western Transport is an over-the-road trucking company based in Idaho Falls, ID. We have been in operation since 1990. Our truck drivers transport dry and temperature controlled freight throughout the contiguous United States. Our dispatchers monitor each shipment to make sure the truck drivers have the necessary equipment and information to get the freight from the point of origin to the destination undamaged and on time. As a professional trucking company we strive to provide great shipping rates, excellent customer service, accuracy, and a good working environment with competitive pay for our truck drivers.

A note from our owners about the Trucking Industry

Serving the country:
  •   o  82% of everything transported does so on trucks
  •   o  Over 10 million people are employed by trucking companies
  •   o  There are over 3 million truck drivers *To become a truck driver for us apply here*
  •   o  450 billion miles traveled each year
  •   o  28 billion dollars paid in highway taxes

     "Please take a minute to think about the trucking industry and how it affects you and those around you. We are especially proud of our truck drivers and employees and would like to thank them and their families for a job well done. We wish them and all others in this very important industry and in this great country safety and happiness!"

 ~ The Owners